Luke Hagan

FreeCAD 0.11 now available for Snow Leopard

Give it a try!

After too long a hiatus, I’ve just uploaded a new build of FreeCAD for Mac OS X to the official site. You can download it from FreeCAD’s main page.

For those not familiar with FreeCAD, it’s an entirely open source 3D parametric CAD package based on the OpenCASCADE kernel. While it’s still very much in alpha and not ready for end-users, the authors have some really interesting things going on there. I hope some day that FreeCAD can serve as a free/libre replacement for expensive, proprietary CAD packages like SolidWorks and Pro/E (apparently now Creo Elements) to bring real parametric CAD capabilities to the maker community. I’m doing my best to help out by compiling the Mac version of FreeCAD.